I grew up in a small town in northern Europe, escaped the cold at 20 and have since spent most of my life barefoot on the sunny beaches of Australia or traveling the globe. Nature, road trips and cookie dough are things I’m absolutely passionate about. I recently relocated from beach to city for a season of studying – and I’m still getting used to it. My heart constantly yearns for the adventure of the open road. Yet, from all my travels there’s one important thing I’ve gained perspective on and it’s this: people are what matter the most.

People are what makes a place special.
People are what you remember years later.
People are the greatest inspiration of all.
People. Friends. Relationships. Community.
That’s what life is all about.

I get awkward writing about myself because I’m not eloquent with words like that. I prefer to let the photos do the talking, hence I aim to make my photos a reflection of what I’m passionate about. Throughout the years I’ve found that relationships intrigue and excite me like few other things do. From them come most things that make us human – joy, sorrow, beauty, pain and love. I’m inspired to capture the moments these manifest themselves – the real, raw and authentic. The connection between two souls.

I pour my heart into what I do and I believe the best work is created where there’s mutual vision and equal passion from both my client and myself. Together we create beautiful things. Whatever the nature of your request is, if you like my work and you think we’d be a good fit, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a message here.